Full Body Waxing

No Hair is Safe


Brow Shaping
Unibrow + Trim
Sides of Face
Full Face + Brows

Upper Body

Full Arm + Hands
Half Arm + Hands
Hands + Fingers
Full Chest
Full Back
Lower Back
Happy Trail

Lower Body

Bikini (P)
Bikini (V)
In-betweenie Bikini (V)
Brazilian (P)
Brazilian (V)
Anus (P)
Anus (V)
Full Rear (P)
Full Rear (V)
Upper Leg
Full Leg
Lower Leg
Feet + Toes

Waxing 101

Waxing involves spreading a thin layer of soft wax over the skin; a cloth strip is pressed on top and is quickly removed against the direction of hair growth. Our skilled waxperts work as quickly as possible to minimize discomfort. The result is pleasantly smooth, bare skin that lasts for 3 to 6 weeks!

We only play it safe. It should go without saying that we have a strict no double-dipping policy. This keeps our products clean and ensures that you have a hairless, happy, and healthy experience.

We use a combination of soft and hard wax determined by personalized consultations with each client. Both are formulated for use on all skin types—including sensitive skin. Please inform your waxpert of any skin medications or retinols in your routine.

Waxing helps avoid bumps, nicks, and razor burn. While not follicular homicide, regular waxing slows hair growth and softens hair over time.

An Inclusive Studio

The Screamin Peach is a waxing studio for every body. Our bodies are the homes we reside in—each one beautiful and unique. You deserve to be celebrated and feel confident regardless of gender, body type, or presentation.

Hair removal is a very personal thing. Certain services may take longer to complete and require elevated training depending on anatomy, hair index, and hair type.

Our waxing options are tailored to your anatomy. You'll see (P) and (V) next to our intimate services to help us determine the amount of time and training required to complete them. Just as everyone is different, every wax is different. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions regarding which services to choose!

Thank you for trusting us with your personal care.

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