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Groomed brows help shape the face, just ask Mrs. Potatohead. And fellas, brow shaping isn’t just for the ladies. Unibrows are so Bert and Ernie...and not in a good way. Here are some ways we can help you up your brow game. Clean and easy!

Hard Wax

Going hard is perfect for areas with thick growth and is especially great for smaller, more sensitive areas—like your face. It’s particularly effective on short hair. We spread a layer of thick warm wax in the direction of your hair growth and remove it quickly to reduce pain and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Soft Wax

A thin layer of soft wax is applied to the skin then covered with a clean cloth strip. Unlike hard wax, the strip is quickly removed in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Soft wax allows for greater precision, but is most effective for hair at least a quarter of an inch long. Unless you’re tackling a Frida Kahlo or Sasquatch situation, hard wax might be the way to go. We’ll talk about it and do what’s best for you.


While waxing offers the benefit of quick hair removal, sometimes you might want to get a little more detailed with your brow sculpting. It’s a slower process—and one you’re probably already used to— but our waxperts work quickly to minimize irritation and discomfort to ensure superior, long-lasting results.

Brow Tint

Brow tints enhance the shape and fullness of your brows and complement your hair color for a natural look. Tints are a great way to add color to light or gray hairs without wielding a pesky pencil or wand. Perhaps the best part is that brow tinting doesn’t come off when you come out of the shower or the pool, so you come out the same way you went in.

Heads up: Eyebrow tinting products are formulated with natural ingredients, and contain no coal, tar, or other prohibited materials that would make your peepers weep.

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