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Work, without fun, kind of sucks. We work hard, but we play hard, too. Our Peaches are not cookie-cutter Stepford Wife employees, but are instead a close-knit group of uniquely talented women. If you’re looking to become an important part of an incredible work family, show us your interest—apply now!

What it means.

The culture of The Screamin Peach is fun and relaxed, but also engaging and rewarding. We believe everyone deserves to be lifted up, treated with kindness and fairness, be engaged, and always feel included. Our goal isn’t to be like everyone else—it’s to stand out and be badass at what we do and who we are.

The Screamin Peach is a family-oriented business. While the day can sometimes be fast-paced, we encourage balance and sustainable rhythms, not burnout and drama. We want work to be fun, collaborative, nurturing, engaging, and inclusive.

What it takes.

The honor of being a Peach comes with a few expectations. They’re not difficult—just things to make you a strong professional and an even better person. Our clients deserve a great experience, so having qualities of character is essential.

Respect is essential. You must have respect for your customer, for your fellow Peaches, and especially respect for yourself. Professionalism is without question. Because waxing is such a unique and intimate service, being professional and courteous is paramount. Support is vital. We want you to be the best person you can be, and for you to pay that forward by supporting and encouraging others.Motivation is meaningful. Micromanagement isn’t. As a Peach, we trust you to do what needs to be done, and also to go the extra mile wherever you see a need.

Humor is sexy. Nobody likes being in a toxic environment. Just as we avoid toxic chemicals in our products, we avoid toxic people. Being friendly, relaxed, and good-natured is a key ingredient in a healthy family.

Attitude is fundamental. It’s good to be confident and strong, but having a baditude isn’t cool. Treating others the way you want to be treated isn’t just a nice thing to say—it’s a nice thing to do.

Integrity is awesome. Honesty and sincerity are ingredients for good character. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Being impeccable with your word is what sets you apart. Basically, don’t be a twit.

You are important. Our intention is to give our Peaches a healthy, inclusive, safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. You are an important part of our success, so it’s essential that we give you the opportunities and tools you need to succeed, grow, and thrive.

What Our Peaches Have to Say.

“Working at The Screamin Peach is love, it is a sisterhood, it is family. They aren’t lying when they say “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Being a waxer at TSP allows me to show up everyday with the privilege of being able to help make women feel confident about their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. I began my journey here as a front desk receptionist and then quickly realized I wanted more, so I went on to receive a license in Esthetics. There isn’t much that beats being able to do what you love and do it underneath a Wonder Woman of a business owner, as well as alongside a handful of confident women who always have your back!”
— Kayla D.

“The Screamin Peach is more than a place to show up and work hard. But if you do show up and work hard, it is incredibly rewarding. TSP is a family of strong women who empower each other every day. Sometimes I'm amazed at how I get paid to meet interesting people all day while I'm surrounded by the most bad-ass women in NoCo.”
— J.Z.

"Working at The Screamin Peach is the dream job I never knew I wanted. I enjoy every aspect of working for this company. It's always a rewarding day at work to make people feel great about themselves as well as working alongside incredible ladies who empower each other every single day. Working for small business has a hidden light not many people see, the owner and general manager are hands on and everyday working here you feel wanted and genuinely appreciated. The clients I've met and made relationships with is irreplaceable; I come to work everyday and wax my amazing clients while surrounded by an incredible staff!"
— Tessa

"Working at the screamin peach is like working with a huge family. It is the best job a girl could ever ask for, it is endless support and love from an amazing group of women. It’s such a fun job, we get to be creative and add our own ideas to the business. Working for the Screamin Peach is truly a gift, to love your coworkers so deeply and to be loved back by everyone is rare. at the screamin peach clients come first always, the customer service sets us aside from anyone else and I love that about us, we really do love all of our clients."
— Ari

"Working at the Screamin Peach over the years, I’ve developed such amazing and strong relationships with my clients. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried with my clients, whether from laughing too hard or talking about something that they are struggling through in their life. Not only do I get to help my clients feel better about themselves by simply removing unwanted hair, it’s also time to unwind from their busy days and engage in invigorating conversations! I'm so thankful for my clients, coworkers and my boss- because the Peach is always a place that I love coming to!"
— Amanda

"My last two years at The Screamin Peach has been one of the best professional experiences of my life. Not only do we provide services and products I feel confident about, my coworkers have become my family. Everyday I walk into the cutest waxing studio and get to work with the best clients and employees Colorado has to offer. And I love the personal connections I have built with my clients and have even made a few friendships. I always look forward to another workday and am grateful to work for such an amazing business!"
— Kelcy

"A few years ago I decided to change my life for the better. I decided to leave a job I was miserable at and find a place where I could grow. That place turned out to be the Screamin Peach. I was initially drawn to the peach like most people because of the clever name. Once I found out that this cool, locally owned salon was voted "Best Of" year after year I had my mind made up. I had to work here. I applied, gave my resume and waited. In the days that followed I constantly checked my phone that the volume was up so I wouldn't miss a call. I spent more time than I want to admit looking at the Peach website. The reviews were good. The girls were all so beautiful in their Peach "mug shots" online. I had to be one. Then, just when it got obsessive, I got a call for an interview and nailed it!

From day one I was treated like an individual.  I was treated with respect and patience during the training process. Even though I came with years of experience I went through detailed training, at times by the owner herself. All of the girls warmly welcomed me and wanted to get to know me. Each Peach was unique and everyone got along. I enjoyed every bit of it and found the inspiration I was looking for. I felt motivated by the women around me and never worried about coming into work. It was clear that this was a place focused on each individual person's success being important.

Fast forward two and a half years and I still feel that same way. I look forward to my day and seeing my amazing clients. I've added to my skill set, I've set and achieved goals and I'm unable to get bored because of the continued education the Peach provides. I've represented the Screamin Peach at different events we've participated in. Most importantly anytime I've had an idea, i've been heard. I've been encouraged to contribute. I'm not alone in saying I consider the Screamin Peach my family. My boss Jen and general manager Kat have invested in me in so many ways and they do that for all of us, and yet I still feel special. This and so many other reasons is why I know I'm in my career position and never have to feel miserable at my job again."
— Kay

Let’s do this.

Think you have what it takes to be a Peach waxpert? Every person that applies brings something unique to the table, so be authentic! Come in with a positive attitude and an open mind, and you’ll definitely grow with the company. If you think you don’t have the qualifications, apply anyway. We don’t expect you to be a prodigy. If you’re smart and eager, you can learn and thrive. We provide full training and ongoing education.

The Screamin Peach offers competitive wages, benefits, vacation time, and more. Perhaps the greatest benefit we offer is the strong bond of sisterhood. Knowing and getting to know each of these gems like sisters is priceless. Many of us have grown up here and are continuing to do so. We help each other discover the best versions of ourselves and blossom into strong, confident, amazeballs women. Making a difference in our clients’ lives, each others’ lives, and those in our community is what makes a Peach a Peach.

Apply Today!

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