Wanna feel fancy or celebrate a special occasion? Bling your thing and let that certain someone discover your diamond in the muff. Express yourself with a wide selection of safe, temporary Swarovski crystal body tattoos that last up to five days.

Carpet Dye

Now your carpet can truly match the drapes. Compliment your summer blonde with matching lower lady locks. Say “no way” to gray with a wide variety of natural color for the hair down there. It’s safe, easy, and long-lasting. We carry a large selection of Betty Beauty Products. They’re specially formulated using all-natural ingredients that won’t drip, irritate, or burn. Unlike regular hair dyes, Betty has no ammonia, resorcinol, and is paraben-free. Yay for good responsible science!

For you creative types, get colorful with shades of aqua blue, hot pink, or romantic red. If you’re really inspired, give that custom shape the extra attention it deserves.

And guys, Betty is not just for the ladies. It even works on facial and chest hair.

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