Men's Hair Removal

No Hair is Safe

Men's Hair Removal

Brow Shaping
Men’s Ear Wax
Men’s Nose Wax
Men’s Full Back Wax
Men’s Lower Back
Men’s Upper Back (Includes Shoulders)
Men’s Neck
Men’s Full Chest Wax
Men’s Full Abdomen Wax
Men’s Partial Chest
Men’s Tummy “Happy Trail”
Men’s Full Arm Wax
Men’s Half Arm Wax
Men’s Full Leg includes Bikini Line
Men’s Upper Half Leg includes Bikini Line
Men’s Lower Half Leg
Men’s Full Rear
Men’s Anus Wax
Men’s Manscaping
starting at $35
Manzilian/Brazilian (P)

When someone says you have nice hair, they don’t mean back there. Back, chest, brows, cheeks, and in between (you know what we mean)—it’s all fair game. We tailor each service to fit your needs, and parts, to leave you feeling clean as a whistle, masculine, and confident.

Show off that sexy physique you’ve worked hard to perfect, or streamline your body to set new records and shave seconds (without shaving) off your race time. Eradicate sneaky-peaky nose and ear hair, or keep that neckline smooth for weeks. From touch-ups to full-on Ken doll, we have seen and can handle it all.


Less shows more. Whether you want to tidy up around the bits, or level your playing field, our professional estheticians are sensitive to your sensitive areas. Trim back that overgrown forest and reveal the real you.

Full-body Hair Removal

Wax on, wax off. We only play it safe, fellas. It should go without saying that we have a strict no double-dipping policy. This keeps our products clean, and ensures that you have a hairless, happy, and healthy experience.

The following techniques help avoid irritating razor burn and unsightly ingrown hairs caused by shaving. While not follicular homicide, regular waxing, threading, and sugaring also slow hair growth and soften hair over time.


Waxing involves spreading a thin layer of soft wax over the skin; a cloth strip is pressed on top, and is then quickly removed against the direction of hair growth. (No worries; our skilled waxperts work as quickly as possible to minimize discomfort.) The result is pleasantly bare skin on any and all the body parts that lasts for 3 to 6 weeks. 


Threading is a hair removal technique in which a thin thread is glided along the skin to pluck hair from the follicle. Threading is a virtually pain-free process that results in a precise, defined shape that lasts for 2 to 6 weeks. Perfect for areas that need closer attention, like brows. What were you thinking?

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